Are You Manipulative?

I hope you enjoy this quiz. I've made it as accurate as I possibly could, but remember, it's just a quiz so answers aren't always correct.

Created by Darkdustgurl on 12/03/2008

Take the Are You Manipulative? quiz.

Do you lie?

Do you keep your emotions hidden?

Are you secretive?

Have you ever back-stabbed anyone?

Are you a greedy person?

Would you ever hurt someone (emotionally/physically/mentally) to get what you want?

Have you ever given vague answers to the question "What do you want?" when it comes to birthdays or holidays?

If you answered "No" to the above question, then please click "Does not apply". For those of you who answered "Yes"...were you being vague in answering because you wanted to see if you could more if the person was confused?

Are you going to try and test the example in Question 8 anytime soon?

Are you passive-aggressive?

Have you ever lent money to someone, waited until they forgot about it, then asked for the money back (adding on a few dollars, hoping the person didn't notice)?

Are you going to try the idea in Question 11?

Do you use "guilt-trips" to get what you want?

Do you like sneaking around your own home?

Have you ever told multiple lies at once just to make a situation go the way you want it to?

Can you remember all the lies you tell?

How many questions did you answer truthfully?

Did you lie on Question 17?

If someone dropped money on the floor and didn't notice, would you grab the money for yourself?

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