Are You Bipolar

You can trust that your results will be accurate. I've done plenty of research on the subject and PLEASE feel free to message. For more information on bipolarity check my journal entry for the date of: December 4, 2008

Created by MayonakaKarasu on 11/30/1999

Take the Are You Bipolar quiz.

Do you at times feel irritable/silly/happy

Do you get severe mood changes?(you might be normal and suddenly get very depressed or irritable)

Is your self-esteem or confidence suddenly inflated?(without someone telling you something that makes you feel good about yourself)

Do you get bursts of energy?(and i don't mean like if you've had caffeine or sugar)

Do you feel like you've rested enough even if you've only slept for a short time?(like 3 hours instead of 12)

When you talk, do you change the subject alot and talk rapidly?

Do you get easily distracted?

This question may get uncomfortable but it's kinda important: Do you get increased thoughts about sex or use of sexual language?

When you have a certain goal, do you get overly focused or get physically agitated?

Do you usually participate in risky activities or behave in a dangerous manner?

Do you sometimes become depressed or irritable even if nothing sad has happened?

Do you loose interest in a hobby or daily activities?(I don't mean like a fad but something that you're really into like a sport)

Have you had a significant change in appetite or weight?(for example: nothing ever seems appetizing anymore, or you've lost a lot of weight without dieting or meaning to.)

Do you have trouble sleeping or oversleep alot?

Do you have loss of energy?

Are you kind of sluggish?

Do you feel guilty or worthless?

Do you have difficulty concentrating?

Do you constantly think about death, running away, or even suicide?

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