Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship?

It's easy to know when you're in a physically abusive relationship, but sometimes people don't realize they're in an emotionally abusive relationship. * My third quiz! Take my others & read my story so far (: Message me with your thoughts.. also if you need advice! Want to request a quiz topic? Want to give me plot ideas? Message me!

Created by amandaleighx on 11/30/1999

Take the Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship? quiz.

When you hang out with someone else besides the person you're in a relationship with, how do they act?

If you get into a fight but it's obvious he/she is wrong, how do they react?

If you're sick and can't go to his/her family function that you've been promising to go to, how would they react?

How would you describe him/her towards you? (check all that apply)

You gain a little weight, he/she notices, how would they react?

Last question, have you found yourself more self-consious due to being with him/her?

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