Is your relationship worth it?

Are you questioning whether or not you should really bother trying with your relationship anymore? This is if you're experiencing problems. Take this quiz! (Not guaranteeing accuracy, so don't freak out if it says no! But i'm going to add more questions so one question doesn't offset the whole thing!) *REQUESTED BY: taterXfalloutboyfanXtot* 4th quiz! Take my others, read my stories and rate! Want to request a quiz/story or need advice/got ideas? Message me!

Created by amandaleighx on 11/30/1999

Take the Is your relationship worth it? quiz.

How long have you been together?

How would you describe your relationship?

How much would you say you fight/argue?

Do you often find yourself bored of him/her? How about him/her towards you?

Have you found yourself drifting apart from each other? (This counts for even just a little feeling of it).

How much do you feel like that?

Within the time you've been together, have you started to like them more?

Do you ever feel awkward around him/her?

Do you feel more negative or positive when you're around him/her? (What's the vibe?) (Not including times where stuff outside the relationship is going on with either you or your partner.)

And one of the most important questions, how often do you question if the relationship is worth it?

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