Dominant and Recessive Traits: How Unique are You? (dudes and chicks)

ever wonder how unique u r? well, heres ur chance 2 find out! please rate and/or message cuz i did research to make sure these were accurate. i would appreciate i if u rate. thanks and enjoy!

Created by stainlessteel2 on 01/30/2009

Take the Dominant and Recessive Traits: How Unique are You? (dudes and chicks) quiz.

is ur face more oval or square shaped?

naturally, ur eyebrows are...

ur eyes are...

what color are ur eyes?

ur eyelashes naturally (without mascara for u girls!) are...

are u color blind?


do u have a cleft in ur chin?

do u have a widow's peak?

how about dimples?

u have free earlobes

try rolling ur tongue. can u do it?

look at ur fingers. do u have mid-didget hair?

kay, now stick out ur thumb like ur giving someone a thumbs up. do u have a hitch-hikers thumb?

so now interlace ur fingers like u were gonna pray. which thumb is on TOP?

what is ur natural hair color?

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