What Is Your True Eye Color? (Girls only, with pics.)

A quiz I put together the day before Christmas Day to find out what your true eye color is. (Even if some of them aren't real eye colors.)

Created by Nephthys0 on 12/24/2008

Take the What Is Your True Eye Color? (Girls only, with pics.) quiz.

To start off, what are your favorite colors out of these? If you have no idea what they are, go here: (They are all listed in ABC order with a color chart.) http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_colornames.asp

Now these are the 8 eye colors you can get in this quiz, which ones do you want?

Which names do you like?

I hope you enjoy RP. The following questions will all be RP. You're walking home from a friends house on a cold night, you're 5 streets away from home and a man pulls up by you in his car and asks if you need a ride. What do you tell him / do ?

RP: The guy you have been crushing on since forever asks you to a dance at your school. What do you say to him? (Sorry if you like girls, but the majority of the worlds girls likes guys, so they win.)

RP: You walk home from school and see your entire house is gone. What do you do?

RP: You're home alone at night and you hear a noise outside your window that sounds like a person. What do you do?

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