What the Naruto Characters think about you {Girls only}

This is like the other quizzes only its Shippuden style. (If you dont know what shippuden is dont take the quiz and watch them -_-)

Created by Silverwing100 on 01/02/2009

Take the What the Naruto Characters think about you {Girls only} quiz.

Okay, *hides behind Naruto* what is your fav color?

Okay, Which Naruto guy is the hottest? ^^

RP Time!! Your walking down the street and you see that Narutos back from training, you see Sakura punch him and start to scold him, what do you do?

You see Sasuke come back after Naruto saved him, Sasuke starts staring at you, what do you do?

Naruto walks up to you one day and asks you out, what do you say?

Me: Okay- Naruto: Let me ask the question Silverwing-chan! Me:*smiles and shakes head* Ok. Naruto: Yay Dattebayo! Which guy do you like the most? ^^

RPMe:You- Sasuke:Whats going on? Me: AHHH! Naruto: You scared Silverwing-chan Teme! Sasuke:.. Me: Whatever, on with the question, Naruto walks up to you and asks you out, right after that Sasuke does, (Naruto&Sasuke: EH?!) they start to fight over you

Okay, RP is over for now, what level or type of ninja do you want to be?

Whats your personality like?

RP YAY! Your walking home in the dark from training one day and your suddenly pinned to a tree and you cant move. It turns out to be Sasuke (Sasuke: What?! Naruto: Haha Me: Shut up! Naruto your next! Naruto: Eh?!) Sasuke kisses you......

More RP....(Naruto: Am I in this one dattebayo?! Me: Yes Sasuke: *smirks*) Your walking down the street in Konoha and your thinking about how Sasuke and Naruto like you, you bump into someone and fall down, you look up to see Naruto. You...?

Okay Thats it. Sorry if it sucked its my first time doing this >.

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