2 hours in emo boy heaven [DETAILED & PICS]

this is the first quiz i've made. plzz dont hate! [[all of these guyz ARE my frands. so back off!]]

Created by DiscoDinos on 11/30/1999

Take the 2 hours in emo boy heaven [DETAILED & PICS] quiz.

*riing* *riing*..yew roll over in bed and pick up your cell phone from your night stand. yew answer it. "hello?" "HEY, ______! im having a party tonight. i was wondering if yew wanted to come along." yew knew yew couldnt refuse a good party! so yew accept

yew sleep in for another hour and get up. take a shower, dry your hair, straighten your hair, yew kno..all tht jazz. yew go into your closet and start raiding. QUICK! what do yew pick.

yew get to the party and your frand greats yew with open arms. "HEY!" your just in time. she leads yew to this circle...filled with hot emo boys! yew sit down casually and wonder what yew wore was okay enough. your frand pulls out a hat..yew think..

the boys put an object into the hat. yew try not to look -- suprise right?! your frand puts the hat infront of yew. "pick, _______." so yew pick without thinking, what do yew pick?

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