Zombie Invasion Day 1

I am obsessed with zombie invasions now so get used to it >:D!! I will make a few of these so ya. Would you survive zombie invasion day one?

Created by ShadowheartTheWarrior on 11/30/1999

Take the Zombie Invasion Day 1 quiz.

You are watching the news on T.V. and it said that there was some kinda of chemical explosion near a cemetary and now there are zombies! Then the camera guy gets mauled by a zombie. What do you do?

What weapons do you bring with you (even if you are hiding)? Choose all that applie.

Do you think you are prepared for a zombie attack?

Your in your house with a friend or a family member. He/she says they are gonna check outside to see if it is safe. They go outside then like 20 seconds later you hear them screaming. You look outside to see they got mauled by zombies. What do you do?

Your town is pretty much taken over by zombie now. You decide you need to go to the city and get help. Who will you take with you?

You are preparing for your jorney to the city. What will you take with you? Choose all that applie.

What will you wear?

What will you use to get there?

Good Luck.... You will need it.

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