Are you a SNOB?

Okay, so of course anyone who is nice enough to take (and possibly...rate wink wink) is not a snob in my book. And please, don't let this quiz offend you in any ways I mean, I'm a total stranger, like I know anything about ANY of you? Just enjoy, and have fun. Hey, maybe youll discover something about yourself? And if you like this check out my snobs no longer rule the world lyrics, I made it myself. I think it sucks, personally, but I've been getting alot of messages from people saying it's awesome. Enjoy

Created by mrslaurencullen14 on 11/30/1999

Take the Are you a SNOB? quiz.

GROSS! Eli Grannypanties, the school's biggest nerd just asked YOU out! Bleck! Rather than puking all over his dorky shoes, what do you do?

Some nameless (at least you don't know her name) freak show bumps into you and just walks away. You HATE hit-and-runs. What's your response?

Your parents give you a gift card to HOT TOPIC (or, if you're goth, just imagine some store you hate), because they don't realize it's a goth store. How do you react?

So, your friends throw you a surprise birthday party...with a Hello Kitty theme. Uh, yeah your third birthday has long passed. And, every single one of your friends, INCLUDING you CRUSH! has shown up. How do you take control of the situation?

Ah, the boring will you rate question. Seriously if yo're willing to take time to rate, you seem like a decent person to me. I seriously need publicity people please help your fave quizmaker out?

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