Are you a Sadist...? And what kind?

Are you a sadist? can you hurt with a big happy grin on your face? can you compete with my insane little urges to make people squeal like pigs..? find out, you ickle fucks! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *coughs* Warning: This quiz is unhealthy for those mind virgins who cannot stand the thought of wanting to hurt someone. if you are a little bundle of innocent joy, then go away.

Created by crackchild on 02/08/2009

Take the Are you a Sadist...? And what kind? quiz.

First questionary pickley ficklest fum (no idea what that was about) So, you're walking around at night. it's dark and foggy, around 1:00am. you turn down an alleyway and see someone on the ground, crying and scared. how do you feel & whaddya do??

Ok. another situation to thrust you in. let's say you've got a weird friend who captures some chick/dude, ties them up on a bed and lays out an assortment of tools to use on them. what do you do to your victim?

Would you hurt someone if you could completely get away with it?

Do you like screams, faces of anguished expressions, or moans of discomfort/pain?

Do you want to make me feel some pain?

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