Which of the 5 Japanese elements are you?

The five elements are, in ascending order of power, ? ( chi or tsuchi) Earth, ? (sui or mizu) Water, ? (ho, ka or hi) Fire, ? (f? or kaze) Wind, and ? (k?). This last is usually translated as "void" when referring to the elements, but refers to "sky" in most other contexts, and is therefore sometimes translated as "Heaven".

Created by EwigeBlinden on 01/10/2009

Take the Which of the 5 Japanese elements are you? quiz.

Would you say that people are naturally attracted to you (as far as friends go)?

What is your favorite type of weather?

Which list of words sounds most like you? (please please PLEASE don't pick more than two lists! it'll mess up your results! try to only pick one!!)

What is your favorite animal/ which animal is most like you?

What would you say is most like your personality?

What word most describes you?

Okies, time for RPs!! So, if you bump into someone in the halls and their books fall all over the floor! It looks like a new student, and she blushes and apologizes a gagillion times, and bends down to get her books and papers together. What do you do?

Your parents get a divorce. What is your overall reaction?

Whats another one of your favorite animals? If the animal is listed twice, click on both of them, it means that the animal has two results.

Which is your favorite color? (please please PLEASE no more than two!!)

Please rate and/or message!!

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