How much of a baby are you?

Do you still act like you're in diapers?! Maybe you still need them or you could be mature and tough, this quiz will show how big of a baby you are!

Created by EM90 on 11/30/1999

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When you first meet someone what do you say?

You're at home and it's around 1:00 PM, you're probaby...

One day you wake up and find you're wearing diapers, what do you do?

Okay so next you realize the diaper is wet and you're in a crib (For those of you who chose option 4 last question, pretend you can't wake up) and you're mom is coming towards you, you...

Finally after being changed by your mom you are given the choice of going back to your original age or becoming a baby forever! You choose to...

Okay now that's over, how many of your own meals do you make?

You're in a playground, you're probably...

Check what you do at home.

Some of your relatives comes over for a visit, what's the first thing they say to you?

I hate favorite color questions and think there stupid so I didn't do one, what do you think about that?

Finally what do people describe you as?

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