Which Salt the Holly Character Are You?

If you've ever wanted to know which Salt kid you're most like, this is the place to do it! Unfamiliar with the comic Salt the Holly? Check out SaltTheHolly.com!

Created by salttheholly on 01/14/2009

Take the Which Salt the Holly Character Are You? quiz.

1. Which of these is the *strongest* reason you'd wish someone dead?

2. Out of these options, what is the worst thing that someone could call you?

3. How do you act around someone you have a crush on? Select as many as apply.

3.14. Your soul is a pie. Which flavor is it?

4. Now that we've had our pie, it's time for coffee. Which of the following is closest to your favorite coffee drink?

5. Which of these activities do you find yourself doing frequently? (If you only do a particular activity every once in a while, don't select it.) Select as many as apply.

6. Out of these choices, which would you say comes closest to being your *greatest* fault?

7. How do you affect the world around you? Select as many as you feel apply.

8. If you had only one day to live, what would you do?

9. You are being chased by velociraptor-bunny hybrids who either want to eat your or rummage in the carrot patch behind you. No, wait. They *definitely* want to eat you. You're in a room with no windows and the carrot patch. What now?

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