Does TAYLOR LAUTNER like you? :D

lol this is ACCORDING to different YT vids and interviews, so no, i don't really know him except from my computer or tv screen. =D this is random, so please don't take this so seriously and spam me because you didn't get the right results..please don't hate me. XD enjoy. hope he does like u. depends though. lol i'm wasting your time. go ahead. take the quiz. now. and i mean NOW, woman! oh. yes, GIRLS ONLY; depends on your status, though! ;] okay, i might add some questions, might not. good luck!

Created by relentlessxcullen on 11/30/1999

Take the Does TAYLOR LAUTNER like you? :D quiz.

Pick a personality that fits you! Be honest!

Taylor comes up to you, maybe while in Hot Topic or in some place where he would most likely be. What do you do?

This might be the last question but... Werewolves or Vampires? XD [this may or may not affect your results, but what the hey, eh? lol]

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