who is your ideal Soul Eater boyfriend? with pics!

lol i just HAD to make it. :)

Created by GoodkittyIchigo25 on 08/02/2009

Take the who is your ideal Soul Eater boyfriend? with pics! quiz.

ok who is your FAVORITE soul eater boy?

me: alright don't kill me.... what's your favorite color? *hides behind death the kid*

RP TIME! if you saw death the kid and soul, both bleeding to death and you could only carry one on your back to save, who would it be?

pick a number! any number! :D

alright now this may seem like a dumb question but it's essential; what's your favorite flavor of pizza?

MORE RP!!!!!! if you saw black star fighting and the only way to save him was to give up your weapon, would you do it?

MORE RP! ok let's say both stein and spirit asked you to marry them. who would you chose?

alright, last rp. let's say your pregnant, and well, you had a "moment" and you did it with all of the guys listed above. who would you want to be the dad?

alright! this is the end of the quiz; do you like soul eater?

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