What element are you? (earth, fire, water, air, or spirit) PICS!

I'm bored so I am going to make the ultimate element quizzy. =) Enjoy. ...P.s. the questions don't seem like they will lead you to an element, but they do. Promise! =)

Created by EmberSolis on 02/08/2009

Take the What element are you? (earth, fire, water, air, or spirit) PICS! quiz.

What type of grades did you/ do you make in school?

If you and the other elements where to battle against some opposing force, what placement would you have in the fight?

What kinds of talents do you have? (or would like to have if you don't have one of these.)

What element personality would you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to be? (this effects a test in a way you would not expect)

What time of day are you most alert?

What type of dreams do you typically have?

Describe yourself in 3 words:

What do you think about Valentine's day?

How do you react to things that go wrong?

What item best suite you out of these?

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