Which Axis Powers Hetalia country are you?

Hello! I guess it wouldn't harm to have another Hetalia personlity quiz since i've been randomly surfing the net for more. So one day, i resolved to create this!! It's very casual and do have fun with it ^^ I would like to thank http://nisecal.googlepages.com/ for allowing me to use their character descriptions for the results. Do check out the webpage where scanlations and more information for Hetalia is made available ^^

Created by alexiusSana on 02/17/2009

Take the Which Axis Powers Hetalia country are you? quiz.

Pick the words that you think others might see you as!

How about some bad points you have?

You attend your friend's party...

You're vital regions are being invaded!!!!

For the following questions, pick the answer that most appeals or are most relevant to you! Firstly: Coffee or tea?

Arts or sports?

Love or war?

Indoors or outdoors?

Culture or technology?

Money or pride?

Peace or party?

Freedom or security?

Fair or just?

Think first or act first?

Work first or play first?

Are you more tomboyish or girly? (if you're male, are you more manly or gentle?)

Are you more idealistic or realistic?

A new nation sprouts out of the water! You...

Two of your friends are fighting!! You...

Your childhood is...

Rules are...

The best parties...

You go to a theme park with 3 rides. Which do you pick?

You make a movie. Which of the three options below are you most likely to make?

Physically you're...

Omg, porn!

Last question! Aren't you glad?

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