Fruit's of the Spirit Quiz!!!

This is based on my manga, FTS! ^^ so yeah, all these characters are ones I made up~

Created by MewIchigo-chan on 02/19/2009

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Okies, first question! What's your favorite color? X3

Okay... o_o Next question! Are you a christian?

Okay, Question numbah THREE! XD Select up to three personality traits that best suit YOU. ^^

Okay, of the following manga which are you most familiar with? (Or which is your favorite?)

Okay, we're gonna play a quick game! I say a word and you tell me what's the first word that pops into your head! Ready? Glass!


Last one! Friends!

Okay, now that we're done with that ^^ What's your attitude towards school?

Okay, Do you have a sibling(s)? If so, how do you feel towards them?

Last Question! XD Did you like the quiz? ^w^

Okay, I kinda lied ^^;; Not really though~ Now Zoe has two more questions to ask! Go on ^^ Zoe: Okay! Alrighty then, I only have 2 more questions pplz and they're super easy! Okies. Do you consider yourself Pessimistic, Optimistic, or Realistic?

Zoe: NOOOOOOW it's the the last question! *grin* What is your opinion on moi? The fantastical Zoe fleetwood! *Glint* *glint*

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