Does my crush like me??

I need your help!! I really really really like this guy named Randall. He is in the 7th grade and i am in the 6th. here are some situations that happend and you tell me if he likes me.

Created by ncmalgal on 02/19/2009

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I sit in the back of the bus and Randall sits in the front. He asked the bus driver if he could move to the back of the bus. She said yes. when someone asked him why he wanted to sit back there he changed the subject.......

Sometimes when i am out practicing for basketball he comes out and plays with me. We just talk forever and ever!!!

At one of our school dances me and my friend were dancing and he comes over to us and started talking to us. He also interduced me to his friends when i went over to talk to him. Also the whole dance he was dancing by me.

On the bus ride in the morning he got up and started dancing really funny. (he also did that to a girl i was talking to at the dance) and he was looing at me the whole time!!

We have different lunch periods but they overlap a little and at lunch he stares at me a ton!!

We were sting in the back of the bus and all of a sudden he says " I fuck you" ...........

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