Your KH life!! (girls only)

You live at Destiny Islands and your best friends are Sora, Riku and Kairi, but you have to move. Enjoy, and don't forget to rate this quiz.

Created by Gamer649 on 11/30/1999

Take the Your KH life!! (girls only) quiz.

So you just got back from school and you were planing to go to the islands with your friends, Sora, Riku and Kairi, but when you got home, your mom had a big announcement. "____, we're moving!"she said.

Either way, you have to go so you after your done packing you, Sora, Riku and Kairi go to the island and you tell them your leaving. "What?!" Sora said in shock. "But you can't go!" said Kairi trying not to cry while Riku just stands there in shock.

"Then I guess we'll have to hang out together for the next 3 days until you leave,"said Sora. You felt like you were going to cry. "Thanks guys." you said trying not to cry. You spend the next 3 days.....

After the 3 days are up, you move to a new town called, "Twilight Town". "*sigh* I wish I didn't have to leave. I miss everyone already." you said to yourself. After you got there and unpacked everything, it was time for school.

On your way to school, you saw some kids who were fighting. You thought it would be kinda fun to join in the fight but you were afraid they wouldn't like you.

When you get there, you see a kid with blond, spikey hair that reminded you of Sora. He notices you and walks up to you and says, "hey, you must be the new. I'm Roxas".

"Hi, I'm ____" you said then you saw a girl with blond hair that reminded you of Kairi. She walks over to you and says, "Hi, I'm Namine." "Hi," you said. Then you saw a fat kid and a girl, both with brown hair, walk over to you.

"Hi, I'm Pence" said the fat kid. "And I'm Ollete". Said the girl. Then after the fight the kid who was fighting came over and said, "I'm Hayner, and you are?" "I'm ____. Nice to meet you guys.^_^"

Then a girl with brown hair (me) came up to Hayner and said, "Oh. c'mon! You're giving up already?" Then I noticed you and said,"Hey, who's the new kid?" "This is ___" said Roxas. "Oh, well it's nice to meet you, ___. My name's Bailey. ^_^".

Then I noticed that you were staring at Roxas and Namine. "Hey, why are you staring at them like that?" "Oh, um, they just remind me of some of my friends back home, that's all, but I doubt you know them, they're at Destiny Islands"

After you said where you were from, everyone stared at you like this: O_O. "What?" you asked, confused. "Oh, uh, nothing,'s just.....Sora is Roxas's cousin and Kairi is Namine's cousin" You were shocked to know that and you thought....

Then a guy with red hair and green eyes showed up out of no where." "It's about time you got here!" I said. "Sorry, I was just a little busy". he said. "Doing what?" "Buying these" Then he gave everyone some sea-salt Ice cream.

"Oh, and btw, this is ___. She's new here and she came from Destiny Islands." I said."Destiny Island, huh? Cool I'm Axel, that's A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?"

After school you go home only to find out that someone broke into your house and trashed everything. "What the..? Mom! Mom!! Where are you?!" You couldn't find your mom, but you did see a strange black creature with yellow eyes.

That thing was about to attack you when Roxas showed up and defeated that thing with his Keyblade. "What the heck was that thing?!" you asked in shock. "It was a heartless" he said. Then I showed up and punched you on the head and you passed out.

"It's best if she doesn't know about them. Now help me fix the house so it looks like nothing happened" I said. 3 hours later, you woke up in bed and got ready for school. 'Was it all just....a dream?" you thought.

After school we all hang out at he usual spot and you wonder about what happened last night. Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed it and part 2 will come in about a week!

Okay, last question, will you rate it? ^_^

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