does my friend like me??

ok, i need some advice from people that doesn´t know me or him...we´ve known eachother since december...we became good friends, but he keeps giving me these mixed signals. You should be aware that he is very sweet and touchy with everyone and has a lot of friend sthat are girls...ok, please help me!!!

Created by brishii on 11/30/1999

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Every time we see each other he gives me a kiss on the cheek and a tight hug, but he doesn´t do that to all of jis girl friends...

a lot of times when we talk he mentions random girls that he kiss or made out with...

when we go with our friends to play pool, if i´m not paying attention to him he starts poking me so i pay attention to him...

There was these time when we met at a park to talk about our lifes and get to know eachother (his idea to hang out, not mine) a guy checked me out and he glared at the guy and started cursing him

One time while talking he said that some of the few good thing that happend to him in 2008 (he had a very hard year) was a school trip we do in argentina to celebrate graduation (it´s the best thing ever) and meeting me (awww)

After 20 days of knowing each other he said i love you by e-mail (not in a romantic kind of way, more in a "i care for you" way) and when i didn´t said it back he stop saying it, but when i finally told him, he started saying it again...

without me asking him, he told me that when he added me on facebook he didn´t recognize me on the picture and almost posted me some flirting message...but he noticed it was me so he didn´t cause he doesn´t wanna lose anymore friends

When i invited him to my birthday party (it´s march 7- next week) he said he´ll go, and that even if he doesn´t want to see his old school class mates (except for a couple of them who are my friends) but he would go anywere for me (aaaawww)

i went to his school yesterday to visit him and some friends, and we haven´t seen eachother for almost 2 months, and during that time i changed my hair colour, he said a couple of times that he really liked how it looked, even when i didn´t ask

one of our friends spent 15 minutes trying to make me say that i liked him (i was alone with this friend) and said that it was obvious that there was a special chemistry between the two of us, and what would i do if he makes a move on me or kisses me...

ok, remember that this guy is very sweet,loving and touchy with everyone, and that he had a really bad 2008 (he broke up with his girlfriend, and lost a couple of friends). try to se our situation from a neutral point, my point and his ponit of view ok, s

jaja just making sure, and remember he has dated (nothing serious) and made out with a couple of girls these past months, he kind of threw hints to me (subtle flirts) and always blush a little and looks me in the eyes, but mention the word friends twice..

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