The Insecurity Test

My first quiz! Take, enjoy, and maybe learn something new about yourself.

Created by gckx14 on 03/02/2009

Take the The Insecurity Test quiz.

You wake up, get out of bed, and look in the mirror. What is your first reaction?

You try to decide what outfit to wear, and finally settle on one that's pretty bold, not something you or you friends would wear usually. Are you worried?

You've been crushing on a boy in homeroom for quite some time. Today's the day you'll...

The principal calls you into his office and presents you with an award. What do you do after?

Your teacher pulls you aside and tells you she thinks you need a tutor. What do you say back to her?

At lunchtime, you see your on-and-off friend wearing the most ridiculous outfit you've ever seen. What do you say?

Tell me about your walk.

You have no one to walk with from Physics to Photography, because none of your friends even go near the art building. What do you do?

After singing at the talent show, someone tells you your best friend is telling everyone she thinks you're an awful singer. What is your initial reaction?

Finally, when someone insults you, how do you take it?

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