What Kind Of Manipulator Are You

This is to test to see if you are the Sly fox of manipulators or the Scouts honor.

Created by goodnessmedarzex on 03/02/2009

Take the What Kind Of Manipulator Are You quiz.

You are at a school award ceremony. Your friend an you are in the same category for something. You know you win by a landslide. How do feel when they call out your name?

Your friends and you decide to go out. When you come back the adults spot your friends. They say your pals are in deep trouble. No one has mentioned you yet. You?

If you could have any superpower what would it be? (Yeah weird question, but still important to the quiz)

If someone on the popular group told you to do something would you?

Everybody has a competition pal. (The one you always try to one up.) What do you do when you win the little mind battles of your frienemy?

You go to the movies. You really want popcorn but you don't have enough money. You?

A teacher gives you and two other students an interview on to see who will be on the team for an after school prep rally. During the interview you?

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