Could You Kill Someone?

To save your life? Someone else's? If you had to? If it would benefit you/your loved ones? For fun? Would you be able to take a life, and if you would, what would be your moral justification? (Or would you not even bother with that, you cold-hearted son of a bitch?)

Created by amoamare on 05/07/2008

Take the Could You Kill Someone? quiz.

There's a fly buzzing around the room. Would you kill it?

How do you feel about hunting?

What, to you, is the strongest argument against killing someone else?

How do you feel about the death penalty?

Say you are a soldier in battle. Would you kill an enemy combatant?

You are asleep, and someone breaks into your place of residence. You have a gun under the pillow. What would you do?

Here's another hypothetical, but it's just a little more abstract, so bear with me: if you had to kill someone to save the lives of ten other people, what would you do?

All right, so it's the same situation, but there's a new twist: you're living in an alternate universe. There would be absolutely no consequences for your actions, either in this world or the next. Your religion does not expressly forbid killing. The pe

You're living in the same alternate universe I described before. You're working for the FBI, and you've identified an 18 year-old boy who exhibits all the warning signs and fits the psychological profile of a future serial killer, but he hasn't killed any

You're still living in that alternate universe, and now you have a time machine. Do you go back in time and kill Hitler as a child?

No more alternate universe; you're back in the real world. You and another person are being held in a bank that is being robbed. The bank is closed, and there's no likely reason to expect that anyone else will show up to save you; the alarm has not been

And finally: under what circumstances is it acceptable to kill someone? (Not necessarily under what circumstances should killing be legal/acceptable for everyone, but under what circumstances could you live with yourself if you killed someone else?) Choo

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