Fairy Tail (WARNING: echi)

The quiz involve adult contain and therefore only those aged enough is allowed. If you are considered a young reader, do not take the quiz. This memo serve as a warning therefore we hope that there will be no complain.

Created by xXechiXx on 11/30/1999

Take the Fairy Tail (WARNING: echi) quiz.

READ THE MEMO. You were out in a mission to slay a monster along with Erza, Natsu, Grey, and Lucy. You came across a field and spot the monster.

The monster heard your voice and came dashing towards you.

Suddenly the monster swung his arm towards the others.

Everybody then dashed towards the monster to attack

The monster suddenly roared.

There was a huge earthquake

Everybody averted their gaze and watch the snow on the mountain peak melted down the slope towards you and everybody else

As everybody's attention was distracted, the monster pounce towards Natsu and Grey.

The monster is dead. But the avalanche is coming! Everybody went atop a tree. But the roots were too weak and the force of snow carried the tree off the cliff

As you fell off the cliff. A voice screamed your name and held your hand...

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