Are You Innocent or Corrupted?

innocent people. corrupted people. the two types of people in the world, in my opinion. which one are you? is your mind innocent and sweet, or devilishly dirty?

Created by haivegetarian23 on 11/30/1999

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Cute boy. You're looking at his....

You have a free Saturday night. Which way of spending it seems most appealing?

what 2 things best describe you?

You're at the Donuts Shop! Which donut do you choose? (the kind of donut you choose can make a difference in your result....)

Do you know what a dike is?

How about a queef?

Ever snuck into a movie without paying for the ticket of said movie?

Ever stolen anything?

In your daydreams, you dream of what?

If you see an old man in a speedo, you....

how about a sexy college guy in a speedo?

Do you often intrepid things other people say into dirty jokes and phrases?

Ever seen an unrated film?

Ever drank beer underage?


are you a vegetarian?

Brock rhymes with?

tampons or pads?

Wienershnitzel is a hot dog fast food place. when you hear the name of it, you:

Is gay marriage wrong?

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