what do the Soul Eater Characters think of YOU? :)) [w/ piczzzz.]

we have to lovely assistants. ERICKA AND AL. say hello. E: hi! :)) AL: yo! And the one talking is, MAERU! *wopeeeeee.* we are not entitled to the soul eater name, mm'kay?

Created by itsagirl1296 on 11/30/1999

Take the what do the Soul Eater Characters think of YOU? :)) [w/ piczzzz.] quiz.

The hated question... NUUUUU! T^T. Whuuuut is yer favorite color? *hides behind Ericka.*

Are you meister or a weapon or a witch or a teache etc...?

Describe yourself....? (NOT MORE THAN 3!) M: *crosses arms* E: *Dressses up as Dr. Phil. AL: why did you dress up like that? E: I wanna adapt to the environment. :O

RP. *clap hands* You wer walking around death City until you see Arachne suffocating yer partner, whuuut do you do?

You find out that your partner wuz spying on her for a mission WITHOUT you. What do you do?

You ran to the woods and get lost, what do you do to get out?

Yer crush finds you there but yer both still stuck, what do you do?

Thats the end of Rp time. How sad. Anyways... Who do you think is the best character?

What do you fight with?

thats the end, will you rate?

wait! I thought of another rp. The test wuz coming up, what do you do?

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