The Matchmaking Machine

Okay, honey, I'm a very busy person so let's make this quick, but thorough. So let's get one thing straight, I choose, not you. You contribute but I make the choice. Okay, let's get to work, honey. Step into my office!

Created by MuddyRose on 11/30/1999

Take the The Matchmaking Machine quiz.

Tell me about yourself, this is crucial.

Lovely, you sound great. So next I need to hear about your ambitions.

Wow, seems like good ambitions. When I say love, you say...

Okay, well looks like you have good intentions. What would he give you?

okay, good to know. now what is his mode of transportation?

Interesting choice. Now, how important are his looks?

okay, well that's all I need. Just let me get to work. Since you were such a great customer this is free. all I ask is that in return you do at least one of the following.

one dream guy coming right up, darling! oh and recommend your male friends! I'm matchmaking guys next! be back in a jiffee!

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