How well do you know Blaze the Cat?

Yay! Blaze is my all-time favourite video-game characters! She's from the Sonic the hedgehod series....for all you people who DONT know her! There will be fairly simple questions and harder ones...most answers from her appearance and from stuff from the games she's in....have fun! And if you like Blaze too, message me! Yay!

Created by SolPrincess on 11/30/1999

Take the How well do you know Blaze the Cat? quiz.

What colour is Blaze?

What colour are her eyes?

What is she for a living?

What is she afraid of?

What is she the guardian of?

What is the name of her extreme-gear in Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity?

What element does she have power over?

Does she like to fight?

Whats the name of the cute (but annoying) bunny that she befriends in Sonic Rush?

How would you describe Blazes personality? (You can pick more than one)

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