Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Determine where in Dante's Hell your soul would have to spend the rest of eternity.

Created by coalition on 05/07/2008


Have you attended religious services lately?

Are you known for dressing provocatively to attract the attention of the opposite sex?

Do you own or plan to own a flashy, expensive sports car?

Have you suffered suicidal thoughts?

Are you always loyal to family and friends?

Have you ever intentionally caused harm to others?

Does God exist?

Does Ms. Cleo have magical powers?

Have you ever attended a strip club?

Do you intentionally give bad advice to people who trust you?

If you were rich, would you be charitable?

Have you engaged in sodomy before?

Would you like to be a pimp?

Is war the best solution to worldly affairs?

Do poor people deserve to be helped?

If somebody deserves it, is it right to take physical action against them?

Do you eat at restaurants very often?

Do you use God's name in vain on a daily basis?

Would you ever engage in treasonous acts against your country?

Do you falsely flatter people in order to benefit yourself?

If a family member did something despicable, would you disown them?

Are you a Pagan?

Are you overweight?

Would you kill someone for money?

Do you tell a lot of lies?

Have you ever intentionally caused harm to yourself?

Do you lend money to people and force them to pay unjust interest rates?

Do you try to conserve resources?

Have you engaged in sex or do you plan to engage in sex before you are married?

Do you enjoy shopping for yourself?

Do you enjoy violence in entertainment?

Is science the apex of human understanding?

Have you made anyone believe that you were somebody else?

Through God, are all things possible?

Have you attempted suicide?

Do you have contempt for many people?

Are you a homosexual?

Are you cheap?

Have you ever cheated on your partner?

Do you seek repentance for your sins?

Do some people deserve death?

Is sex more important than food?

Were you baptized?

Do you often get involved in fistfights?

Do you spend most of your money?

Are you ever hypocritical?

Do you ever look at pornography?

Is living a virtuous life important?

Have you visited/called a psychic?

Would you ever fast to demonstrate your belief system?

Do you steal just for the thrill of it?

Are you a charitable person?

Do you take pleasure in hurting others?

Do you pleasure yourself often?

Do you read the Bible?

Do you find people of your same sex attractive?

Do you hoard your money?

Have you ever had a hatred for yourself?

Do you steal from people that trust you?

Can anybody predict the future?

Is food one of the most important things in life?

Have you ever raped somebody?

Are you generally an angry person?

Are you miserable?

Do you give spare change to bums?

Do you believe that religion is fake?

Will you continue to sin after your weakpoints are discovered with the results of this quiz?

Is there an afterlife?

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