What would you look like as a anime wolf?

Come one, come all to take the magical quiz that all relies on...randomness XD. Oh, and if your a wolf hater, then begone before I sic Tsuki on you. Tsuki: >:3 rawr. Oh and, Im Nightwater/Night, and my friend is Tsuki. Enjoy

Created by NightwaterTheWolf on 05/01/2009

Take the What would you look like as a anime wolf? quiz.

Ok, first of all... whats your favorite color? -dodges dinner plates and forks- D: oh noes -dodges tv- O_o ..

Phew glad thats over. Next Q; If you were out walking in the rain, and you suddenly see a small wet kitten. What do you do?

Next. SUDDENLY! Me and Tsuki come, grab your wallet and run yelling "Haha, Sucker!". What do you do :O ?

Now that thats over, heres what next; Ok Suddenly again, your trapped out in the woods..With me and Tsuki(:O) and your lost. What's your next move?

lol that was fun. Now; Out of nowhere, Nightwater(me) comes walking up out of nowhere and calles you a shrimp. How do you react? XD

Well, im starting to run out of questions, so im gonna wrap it up. C'ya next time, and stay tuned for other quizes. C'ya

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