Are you an Otaku? With pictures. -level one-

Hi. I'm Mishia, and I'm a self-proclaimed otaku. Are you? As this is only the first test, I'll determine if you're an otaku based off of your answers about anime experiences. The next levels, however, will test your knowledge. Have fun! :D

Created by mishiax on 05/02/2009

Take the Are you an Otaku? With pictures. -level one- quiz.

Do you collect anime-related figures?

Have you ever been to an anime-related convention?

If you just saw a picture of a really cute anime character how would you describe him/her?

Have you ever cosplayed?

Where do you watch your anime?

Have you ever played an eroge? Would you?

What's your typical reaction to weeaboos/people who are "wapanese"?

How do you like to watch anime?

You stopped by the bookstore on your way home to pick up a volume of your favorite manga. But you also see another manga that looks interesting! If you buy both, you'll have used all of your money. Whatever do you do?

Have you ever wanted to visit Japan?

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