1 hour in heaven [emo boys!] pics long results

Dear god I cant believe Faith dragged me into this. Oh wait she is my best friend I let her drag me here. Shit why does she have to be so convincing and cute too! Mark my words Ill get you yet Faith! Any who here I was stuck playing this stupid game with my friends well the one person I knew was Faith! Mother of flap jacks we are playing seven minutes in heaven! Okay calm down. No Im having an spazz attack shit that was bad. I looked over at Faith who was happily smiling at me giving me an encouraging look

Created by xxessencesxx on 05/18/2009

Take the 1 hour in heaven [emo boys!] pics long results quiz.

I have out a small sign before dumping my hand into the black leather bag trying to grab something from it. When I pulled my hands from the hidden layers of the bag it turned out to be…..?

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