Ideas, ideas, ideas...

I NEED HELLLPPPP!!! Plz plz plz, help me! All this quiz does is give some story lines. Say wether they're good, bad, or rubbish. K?

Created by acecardamz on 11/30/1999

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Ok, story line one... You're a girl called Jirachi, and you have green hair, thats shoulder length with wat ever coloured eyes. What'd you think of the character so far?

Ok, her personality... She's careful and shy, but loves to make friends. She's had a bad past, so she's cautious as to where her friendships go. What about that?

Ok, next bit... She was born in an evil insitute, but is lead to believe that it's the good side. Her mother gets killed for telling her something that haunts her to this day... What about that?

Ok, her love interest... She falls in love with a guy on the opposite side, who's actually on the good side. What about this?

Ok, last one... Jirachi decides the run away from the institute because they killed her father. He failed a mission, so his head was cut off. The boss's son wants to marry her, and she doesn't love him.

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