What Daemon Form Is For You?

Okay. Look up Daemonpage.com okay? This isn't from the golden compass. This is real life daemons got it? I have one and you have one whether you know it or not. Everyone has one. Go to the sight I suggested, and then you will have the basic idea k? Alright. A daemon is half your soul in the form of an animal. You both decide its name. This quiz is to find out what forms your daemon might be most comfortable in. Read all about daemons on that sight, and then take this quiz. Thanks, and enjoy :)

Created by orangepony333 on 11/30/1999

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In a party, you are--

What colors do you prefer?

Would you rather go to a party or stay at home with a book?

You are at the ice cream store and you need to choose which ice cream you would like. What kinds of flavors would you pick?

At the ice cream store, someone steals the money you are holding out to the ice cream scooper. What do you do?

Where do you usually hang out on weekends?

Pick one FAST!

Pick a name, any name.

If you are walking down a street, and someone asks you if you had dropped the wallet they found, what would you do? (It isn't your wallet)

Okay, sorry it is a short quiz. Will you forgive me?

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