What kind of supernatural being are you?

Find out wether you belong to Heaven or to Hell! This is in no way related to any serious Religion. The entitys in this quiz borrow their names and attributs partly from the Holy Bible, the Kabbalah, angelology, the manga "Angel Sanctuary" and a rather twisted personal universe called "Sanctuary of the Soul" Please visit my blog: www.ice-demon.net/darkserapha

Created by DarkSerapha on 05/07/2008

Take the What kind of supernatural being are you? quiz.

You are accidentally spotted by a mortal being. What happens?

What is your intention or purpose?

Which group of words describes you best?

What is a mortal's reaction to your presence?

Which elemental spirits describe you best?

Do you possess a soul?

What colour does your aura have?

What do your wings look like?

What are your special abilities?

How would you describe yourself?

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