Which X-Man Are You?

This quiz will test to see which X-Man's personality is most like you! Please answer as you would -- it's no fun to gun for a certain guy! Note: the results are archetypical of males, and while the quiz is applicable for both genders, please keep in mind that this best represents your "male self." And don't forget to take the "Which X-WOMAN Are You?" quiz, to find out who suits your "feminine self" ! The quiz can be found HERE! Also, check to see which X-Men villain best fits your evil persona! That qu

Created by novayahavoc on 05/07/2008

Take the Which X-Man Are You? quiz.

Your personality: how would you BEST describe it?

You see a gorgeous woman nearby. Firstly, assume you are attracted to her and are single. Secondly -- what would you do?

What is your magazine of choice?

Which one of these is your MOST FAVORITE activity?

Your peers/co-workers most likely see you as:

What in your life is MOST OFTEN a pressing concern?

How do you feel about long-term relationships?

What do you fear most about your possible future?

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