your Yule Ball dress, date & life afterwards!

another harry potter yule ball quiz! ~~~~~~~~~~ hey im jill! this is are fisrt co-written quiz lol!!! anyway i rly like harry potter so plz enjoy an rate thnx! ok heres my co-writer! ~~~~~ hi i'm jackie!! jill is my bff!! together we made this super awesome hp quiz just 4 u!!!!! plz rate and we'll love u 4EVAAA!!!!!!!

Created by xeizou on 07/22/2011

Take the your Yule Ball dress, date & life afterwards! quiz.

don't kill us! whats ur fave color?

which name do u liek best?

what house r u in??

wat do u look 4 in a guy?

RP!!! ur walking along and all of teh sudden Draco Malfoy grabs u and starts snoggin! wat do u do?


ur in flourish & blotts (that's the book store!!). wat do u buy?

describe urself!

do u have long hair?

moar RP!!! teh Weasley twins come up 2 u and ask if u want to help them pull a prank on neville longbottom. what do u say???

fave mythicle creature?

will u rate?

HOLD UP one last question!!!! wat is ur LEAST favurite food??

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