What 'Eragon' Character are you ?

Uh-hem... well very few of the questions have anything to do with Eragon... why? Then it would be easy just to pick what character you are!! (Thanks a Million times over to Shur'tugal.com!! Adoptables are from them!!) And sorry if your results aren't acuratly matched with your personality. I'll be adding more questions another time to ensure a more accurate result!!

Created by Quillum on 05/07/2008

Take the What 'Eragon' Character are you ? quiz.

What would be your weapon?

Someone has stolen your wallet!!

There is a bad guy/girl preparing to attempt the infamous 'Take over the World' plan...

What words do you like or think fit you?

Who are your friends? What are they like?

Now the most anticapated question of all quizzez! What your favorite color?

Was this small little quiz worth your time?

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