The Beatle Dating Game

Behind that velvet curtain, we have five elligible bachelors just waiting to meet you! But only *one* can be your mystery date, and the decision is all your's. You will ask them a series of questions, and based upon their responses, mark down which proves most compatible with you. Who will be your mystery dream date! Find out, by taking this quiz!

Created by EmpressofFabulous on 05/07/2008

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Bachelors, I think character traits can be very important when looking for a guy whose compatible with me. How would you describe yourself?

Alright, nicely done. Could each of you bachelors please describe to me the perfect atmosphere you would take me out on a date?

Sounds great. Next question - what do you bachelors enjoy doing in your free time?

Could you name for me, please, one of your role models in life?

Speaking of big physical features, name for me your BEST feature.

Excellent answers, gentlemen. Is there any particular type of girl you've always been partial to?

Okay boys, just one more question to go. Please fill in the blanks, for the following statement. "_____" is good, but "_____" is better.

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