Which Halo Spartan are you?

This is the first quiz I made so far. It revolves around Halo and it's story about the Spartans. Those who have read the books will really understand a lot of which I've posted on the quiz. Those who only have played Halo won't have much info about the Spartans execpt for the Master Chief. And lastly those who have NO IDEA, either by never played the game or never read the story will just be COMPLETELY lost. But of course, you can still see your result, Halo fan or not.

Created by Gunnery on 05/07/2008

Take the Which Halo Spartan are you? quiz.

What qualities do you have on the battle field?

What status are you holding?

What weapon/vehicle would you use?

What's are your motives or goals in war?

What team would you serve on? (Red, Blue, Green, None/Other) and how would you serve?

What did you like to do back in your childhood days?

The Brass is sending you on a special mission, ground-side. What role as a solidier do you play?

But in the end...

What are your final decisions?

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