Are You Passive, Assertive or Aggressive? *TheRealTest*

All tests by *TheRealTest* are EXTREMELY accurate! Do not answer the questions in such ways as to attempt to persuade the test in a certain direction! Be COMPLETELY honest with yourself and answer the questions as if nobody will ever know what you answered.. since they won't! Answer honestly to see how accurate *TheRealTest* tests really are!

Created by TheRealTest on 06/26/2009

Take the Are You Passive, Assertive or Aggressive? *TheRealTest* quiz.

When you have a conflict with another person, answer the questions how you would react! (None of these questions apply to a life threatening situation)

Do you EVER try to avoid the person to ensure that you completely avoid the problem?

Do you EVER try to change the subject?

Do you EVER try to understand the other persons point of view?

When you are in a verbal argument, do you EVER fight it out physically?

Do you EVER make threats to the other person?

Do you EVER try to turn the conflict into a joke?

Do you EVER try to find a solution to the problem or try to reach a compromise?

Do you EVER start accusing other people and take all the attention off of yourself?

Do you EVER view the conflict as a communication breakdown?

Do you EVER admit you are wrong even if you know that you are right?

Do you EVER exaggerate?

Do you EVER see the conflict as a problem solving opportunity?

Do you EVER concentrate on the issue its self rather then the person who you have the issue with?

Do you EVER just give in to avoid hard feelings?

Do you EVER start yelling at the other person?

Do you EVER refuse to listen to the other person, you know your right and nobody can tell you that your not?

Do you EVER pretend to agree with the other person?

Do you EVER get another person to decide who is right?

Do you EVER respect the opinions of others even if they're different from yours?

Do you EVER show a lot of guilt?

Do you EVER simply state your feelings directly and honestly?

Do you EVER apologize for having a different opinion?

Do you EVER use sarcasm?

Do you EVER try to narrow the conflict down to a specific point to where you both can agree on?

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