What type of Pokemon are You?

Want to know which Pokemon type you're destined to be should you ever weirdly mutate into a cartoon anime charactor? Well heres your chance! Choose carefully, because every answer corresponds with a Pokemon type. 14 possabilities. 1 Type of Pokemon. Which will you be?

Created by Vandurer on 05/07/2008

Take the What type of Pokemon are You? quiz.

Where would you live if you were a Pokemon?

A trainer has approached brandishing a pokeball, what do you do!?

'I Choose You!' Cries your trainer. Oh man, he's pitted you up against a Houndoom and a Poliwrath! How do you fare?

Your trainer gives you the choice of radio music to listen to as he treks through Viridian Forest. What kind of tunes do you switch to?

Your trainer treats you to a meal or drink of your choosing. What'll it be?

What is your instinct in the heat of battle?

Your trainer has decided to release you back into the wild. How do you react?

Which Pokemon type do you DISLIKE the most?

While in the wild, you like to hang out with what two Pokemon species?

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