The Ultimate Sorting Hat Quiz

Welcome, all you silly fools! You've come to seek my view? Well, sit your muggle arse right down, and I'll start sorting you... Oh, don't deny my wisdom - I'm the smartest hat you'll find. Be sure not to insult me, though, for I can read your mind! You DARE TO DOUBT MY GENIUS? And you - hey! Don't call me that! It's well and good for you, you git! You aren't stuck being a hat! I'll find a way to suck your brains out through your ears, hehe! For I'm the Sorting Hat and I control your destiny!

Created by Knockturn on 05/06/2008

Take the The Ultimate Sorting Hat Quiz quiz.

Well, hello there, you little first year, you! About to be sorted, then? How are you feeling?

What might your heritage be?

Your greatest joy would be to...

First day of classes has just ended. What thought has been running through your mind all day?

Ok, it's the weekend. Where can you be found?

Isn't it nice when people call you...

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