WWYFF or WWFFY! A Vampire, Neko, Demon, or Shapshifter?

This is my first wwyff, so.....yeah. Sorry for spelling mistakes and messed up words.

Created by FallenDayDreamer66 on 11/30/1999

Take the WWYFF or WWFFY! A Vampire, Neko, Demon, or Shapshifter? quiz.

Okay, your name is whatever you choose, you have hazel eyes and straight brown hair. Which is long. You live with your aunt (parents went missing during a camping trip) and people find you somewhat weird, even though your normal.

Okay you wake up, brush your teeth, take a shower, and change into..Linkin Park shirt, skinny jeans and converse. You go down stairs and make yourself breakfest and your aunt comes in. Wearing a pink robe, fluffy slippers, and hair in those curly things.

"Good Moring _____" she says, and starts making coffe. After you finish eating you get your backpack and begin to walk to school. As your walking you walk by a group of people from school that love to make your life miserable. You walk faster.

Luckliy they didn't see you. As you get to the school, you notice four guys standing on the other side of the street. As you got closer to the entrance, you realize they're staring at you. They look like....................................

You glanced at them. The one wearing the hat waved at you. You.................

You hurry into the school and is almost late for first period. The rest of the day is bores and long, you get teased a little, and is tripped during 4th period. You hide in the libary during lunch and make it past the next two classes. School finshed.

When you walk out the gates and the four guys are still standing there, no one other than you notices them. Also they're still staring at you, the one wearing the hat and the one with purple hair were gone, leaving the other two.

You decide to aviod the group of people that want to ruin your life, you go into the park. As your walking weren't really looking where you were going. So you didn't see the two guys walk out from a tree. You ran into one of them.

"Sorry." You said. You realized they were the two that were watching you when you arrived at school. "No, our fault." said the guy wearing the hat. "I'm James, and thats Edward." he pointed to the guy with the hair. He smiled weakly at you. "Are you ___?

"Yes. Why?" you ask, suspicously. "Uh.....sorry for whats about to happen." said James. Before you can ask what? You feel a sharp pain in your head. You can feel yourself fall to the ground and then someone lifts you up. Then darkness.

A not very good cliffhanger! Sorry it's short. Anyway rate or message!

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