Chance! the Broadway! (who are you, honey bun?)

This is my official apology on behalf of this quiz and Chance! the Broadway as a whole. If you are the general public, there is a 99.9% chance! that you will not understand this at all, and in fact, quite possibly a 100% chance!, concidering the fact that those who WOULD understand that are not by any means normal, and therefore do NOT by any means comply with the term "general public." I warn you. It is probably in your best intrest to turn away. Right now.

Created by hongkongg on 07/01/2009

Take the Chance! the Broadway! (who are you, honey bun?) quiz.

So lets start scenario. Let's just say you got on Quizilla and made a really wicked cool quiz, and when you were finished, it got deleted and you had to start ALL over again. -AHEM Quizilla- What do you do?

Ok, then. That's what I thought. So anyway, what might your favorite color happen to be?

Choose a word you like the best.

So. You find $1000 in a phone booth. What do you do?

Which broadway song are you most likely to lead?

Which phrase are you most likely to say?

You just got invited to a party. You:

So your television is on. What are you the most likely to be watching?

At the moment, what is your biggest problem?

You didn't show up to school one day. The most probable explanation for this is:

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