Sheik Love Story (Sheik is not Zelda in This Story)

Sheik will not be Zelda in this case!

Created by redtalon on Wednesday, July 01, 2009

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Sex: Male

Does: Helps Link when at a New Temple

Plays: Harp

Weapons: Sword, Chain, Arrows (W/O Bow)

Race: Sheikah, Hylian



Sex: Female

Does: Helps Sheik with duties from Zelda and Impa

Plays: Flute

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, fists

Race: Hylian



Story: Sheik’s POV~

"Rima, you have to stay behind!" I shouted. Rima fought back with," No I ain't gonna lose you in Gerudo Desert. So no I ain't gonna stay behind. It's Zelda's order." I groaned.

Rima's POV~
" C'mon Sheik. Just this last time, I know Link doesn't like me around," I complained. Yes I love Sheik even though he is a Sheikah-Hylian. He's hunkalicious in a great way.
" Sheik it's not fair that you always don't want me around.I know , you're crushing on me aren't you?" I said. "What makes you say that? You like me dont you." Sheik protested.

continues tomorrow......... Hailie Out!

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