Tora's Miracle [one-shot] Amano Shinji

Finally! I could publish my Tora one-shot, this is very sport-related and this girl you can say she is kinda cool. Also her name is the title of my second favorite Alice Nine song

Created by Yoichiru on Thursday, July 02, 2009


Name: Kiseki (meaning: miracle)

Last Name: Shidou (meaning: leadership)

Age: 25

Personality: Serious, mature, super-extreme risk taker.

Looks: long, midnight black hair with bangs on her forehead, tall, pale, golden eyes, natural, no contacts

Likes: skateboarding, BMX, motocross, snowboarding, surf

Dislikes: discrimination of any kind, losing


~Story Starts:~

Tora’s POV

I was laying on the couch of my home, when I heard a knock, desperate knock on the door. I open the door and in an instant Hiroto came inside panting with the pizza box. “Hey man, u brought it” I said taking the pizza and sit back to the couch. “Dude, u can’t imagine what just happened, I was with the pizza and a group of crazy fans chase me more than 4 blocks!” said Pon taking a glass of water. “tora, while I was out I found this on a poster” he said handing me a paper.

I take a look at it. “Skateboarding Competition, blah, blah, blah, any one can enter, blah, blah, grand price of 20,000 yens……I’m in” I said taking a bite and waiting for tomorrow to come.


I went to the competition and took my skateboard with me. I sign in, I went to the lockers and heard a couple of murmur along the competitors. “Hey man did u heard about it?” “No man, what is it? I’ve heard many guys talking about something, but no one tells me” “Don’t worry, u see; there is a rumor that a GIRL will skate in the competition!” “No kidding! Seriously! Well, hope she wears a tight shirt, hahaha.”

I got surprise at first. A girl competing is as weird as a rose in a desert.

As I got out of the locker room, I heard clapping and cheers. ‘Wait until u see me’ I thought smiling. “Now, ladies and gentlemen, and all of the BMX lovers, here we have competing today, one of the guitarists of the visual kei band...ALICE NINE!!!” said the reporter, immediately I went in my bike, making swirls, and flying in the air, yeah, this is my sport. I kept my rhythm and I make even more tricks, at higher and dangerous distances. “Yahoo!!!!” I shout, after some minutes my presentation was done. I heard fan girls scream yelling “Tora” to the four directions, I just smile to them. Not wanting to act cocky or anything similar, I was the best; no other could do the same as I.

“Now, to end this tournament, and know the best in the extreme, we have a great surprise. Now, give a huge applause to Shidou Kiseki!!” He said pointing to a girl. She look a little to Hinata, her knees were bandage, so it was her left arm and fingers. Her hair was loose free, and I kept asking if she is going to ride like that, she will not see. She took an Ipod out of her pocket and ride her bike while listening to it. She did the back-flip, barspin, and I was surprise that she did the crankflip, is unusual in BMX that techinique, besides it requires a lot of time. But the most fascinating, she ended doing ‘Nothing’ (author: yeah, I watch this too much, is really cool sport. Well ‘nothing’, u can search on internet, in this is u go high, but high enough in the air and jump away from your bike, and is impossible to grab the bike in the air cuz it follow its course).

She made an amazing trick, almost impossible for whatever age she has. No wonder why the bruises. At the end I had to admit this girl is hell better than I. They prize gave Kiseki the 20,000 yens. As I was about to leave I notice a bunch of guys surrounding her on the exit, she just ignore them. As she was walking, Kiseki made a quick glance to where I was. “U are really good” I said, she lift her head and gave a small smile “thanks” she said softly. “What are u going to do with all that money?” I ask curious. “I really don’t know, I never through about it, u want it?” she ask.

My eyes widen to her words. “W-What! U are willing to give me 20,000 yens just like that, to a guy u just meet?” “umm….yeah” she said. I almost faint, “are u out of your mind? No one gives a stranger money just like that!” “I’m doing it” “Seriously, why are u giving it?” I ask. She look to the sky, like trying to find the answer. “Because…” she said closing her eyes, and slowly opening them looking at me. Her eyes were pure golden, I thought they might be contacts, but they weren’t; her eyes show something, so many emotions in one look, sadness, kindness, anguish, grief, despair, and sorrow “….there are more important things in life than money” she said smiling.

“Bye, bye Shinjo-san” she said walking away and waving goodbye. Honestly…she is the weirdest girl I’ve ever met.

I walk back to my house, “I’m home” I said softly “TORA!!!!!!!!!!!!” said Hiroto all of a sudden throwing his arm around my back. “So tell me, how was it!? Ne?” “I lost…” “Come on Tora be serious! Where is the tro-did u said u lost?” said Hiroto, I think he was about to have a heart attack. “It’s fine Hiroto, is not the big deal.”

“Tora, how can u say that? U are awesome in a skateboard, tell me; who was the dude that won u?”


“Mmmmm that guy sure has a strong name, ‘leadership’ I bet he must be a very tall dude, with strong arms, I bet huge wrestler muscles, no girl will ever get near that guy”

“Pon…who ever said that it was a guy?”


“I never said that the one who beat me was a guy…is a girl”

“A GIRL!!!!!!!!???????”

“Yeah, pretty good one in a skateboard…and very cute too” I said the last part in a low voice so Pon wouldn’t hear me.

“No way Tora! A girl, u got your ass kicked by a chick!?”

That was it, my last nerve of calmness exploded.


“Hey guys guess what!” enter without knocking my door Shou with Saga and Nao behind him.

“What Shou?” ask Hiroto

“We are going to ski!” said Nao.

“S-Ski? But we can’t now, we don’t know if we can take a rest-” I protested

“Of course we can!” said Saga

“I don’t know guys, im not good on snow” I said.

“Don’t worry this is to cheer u up after the total and complete kick in your butt that that hot chick gave u in front of thousand of fans and TV cameras that Sport Center will of course broadcast in a couple of minutes” said Shou, I bet my guitar he made an evil smirk.

“Well I guess freezing my fingers is better than stay here and do nothing. Oh by the way…” I said taking from my pockets “…that HOT chick that kicked my butt gave me the 20, 000 yens of the prize”

“WTH!” said all the four at the same time staring at me.

“Yahoo! We are going to ski!” said Shou.

“Yeah, I think skiing will do me no harm” I said with a small smile

~~At Myoko Skii Area~~

As we paid in our hotel, we went directly to ski, Hiroto was good at it, no one knew how, but he was good. Shou was slightly scared, Nao was on the restaurant, he said he was hungry and Saga was talking to the ski instructor asking for some tips. I was just staring on some people skiing down the high cold slopes. Then I notice my fingers were freezing, I looked down at my hands and find out I forgot my gloves, my fingers were almost dead. They were pale, the tip of them were light blue, and a little bit of purple was present, I blow on them heat from my mouth but it made no use.

“Damn” I curse. In a moment I felt a pair of hands holding my hands.

My eyes widen to see someone in front, this person was wearing a blue skiing suit, I had to say it must be a girl, a bit of hair was loosing free from her warm cap and she was wearing gloves, snow googles orange color and snow boots.

“Seriously, in what world do u live and come to ski with no gloves” she said, it had to be a girl, her voice said.

“I forgot them on my room” I said honestly.

“Forgetting them is of no use, u can get to a point of not using your hands anymore. Lets go” she said, taking off her gloves and placing them in my hands.

“What are you doing?” I ask blushing a bit, im not used to girl be so kind.

“My hands are warm, come, I’ll buy you a coco” she said pulling my arm.

“there is no need for that, ma’am”

“Thanks for telling me old” she said with sarcasm and laughing a bit

“Well, I don’t know your name”

“My name is of no importance, your hands are.”

As we arrive, I took a sit and she told me to wait. I notice she took off her google and her warm hat and lay them on the cherry wood table. Her silky, straight hair fell immediately. “Stay here” she said and walk to the bar, I couldn’t see her eyes, the shadow made it impossible. In minutes the bartender gave her 2 cups. “Drink this…you will feel better” she said and sat a moment and looked at me, in that moment I spill my coco. “Y-You are…Shidoh!” I said taking a napkin and clean my mouth and the table. She just laugh.

Kiseki’s POV:

I laugh at how he spill his coco. “Well, half my money went on that drink” I said laughing.

“What are you doing here? I mean I don’t intend to be rude, but what are you doing here?” he ask confused.

“I live here” I answer with no hesitation.

“You live here?” he said pointing his hands at the hotel.

“Yes I do, I owe this place” I said.

I was 110% sure, he was about to have a heart attack, honestly, guys were so easy to surprise.

“Well, I actually don’t like to act cocky and say to the 4 direction, ‘Hey look! I owe a hotel’ that is really not my style and I just like to live here and help skaters in trouble, I’m also in the emergency squad, so I take care of those injure in the snow. And I force all my workers to take first-aid classes as well as there usual services. I’m very meticulous, and I want all to be good for people, and to please to be here. Even a single night here…I want it to be the best.” I said looking to Shinji-san.

He looked at me with a weird face, he smile and scratch the back of his face.

“You sure are another thing, to force your workers to take rescue classes, even the maids…”

“Huh? Don’t criticize, anyone might get inju-”

“However I see that as something noble, and very careful and every place should be like that….I really would like to spend more nights in this place, knowing…knowing I will sleep safe.”

I stare at this man, no one has ever praise us for our work, no one. I smile and stood up, “Anyways I have to leave you here, Shinji-san, I have work to do, hope you understand” I said.

“Sure, bye and thanks for the coco” I said.

She smile and walk away.

~~Later At Night~~

Tora’s POV:

I ski for a while, I forgot to give Shidoh back her gloves, but I think she didn’t mind. I stayed ‘til late on the bar, All the rest went to sleep. Shou, Saga and Nao slept in the same room; and I shared with Hiroto.

Hiroto told me he will not wake up in the middle of the ight to open the door and let me in, so he told me he will keep the door open so I can come in. I agreed.

I went to my room late at night, 1:15 a.m. Man I really was thinking a lot on Shidoh. AS I walk passed throw the halls I saw the door open and I walk inside quickly and closed the door.

I heard some breathing, Hiroto must have drop dead on his bed, so I decided not to turn on the lights. I remove my sweater, all but my boxers. Hell I was tired, and I just wanted to close my eyes. I threw myself in the bed and felt the presence of someone beside me. “Damn, Hiroto couldn’t you choose the other bed” I said moving my lips but making no sound. But I was too tired to move. ‘Well, there is no one here, and I with Shou doesn’t come inside or he will think we are gay’ I said in my mind and drift myself in a nice sleep.

I slightly open my eyes, but they were too heavy to open, the curtains were covering the window, I turn myself and stare at the clock, 9:23. I can sleep more, thank goodness. When I turn myself I notice I had less blanket on me. So I pull it from Hiroto and lay closer to the pillow. Then I smell something, a sweet essence a mixture of sakura, peach and white jasmine, it smelled nice, soft, and a light scent you can smell all day and never grow tired.

After some minutes I woke up from my bed and see the figure still on the bed. ‘Geez, how much does this guy sleeps!’ I thought, the watch said 12:42. “Hiroto wake the hell up, man!” I shout moving him. I put my hand on his shoulder, oddly, his shoulder was amazingly soft. “Dude wake up, Nao is going to eat all breakfast if we don’t hurry” I said taking a pillow and throwing it to him. “Go away” I heard him say, but his mouth was cover by the pillow so I could barely hear.

“Wake up sunshine” I said and open the curtains suddenly. I turn to see Hiroto…damn this astute bastard, he hide under the covers so the light could touch him. “Hiroto! WAKE! UP!” I shout removing the covers…


“Stop fucking bothering!” she shout. Shidoh.

We both stare at each other for a moment, and for a second I lower my gaze….crap, not all days I know of pretty girls that sleep naked even on cold nights.

She noticed it and took the covers to cover her body.

“M-M-My apologize”

“You sneak in my room and watch me nude! Pervert!!” she shout and took the pillows and threw them at me.

“Get out! Sick, stupid, pervert!” she yelled, taking a lamp and threatening it to me. I dash out of the room and she chased me threw the halls with the lamp, half naked and covering herself with the blanket.

I run as fast as I could and knock Shou’s room. “Guys! Open, FAST!” I said banging there door like a crazy maniac.

“What do you want Tora?” ask Saga drowsy. Immediately I push the door and enter, feeling myself relieve that she was not going to chase me anymore, how wrong was I.

When I tried to shut the door, I notice she place her hand on the door.

“You are not going anywhere” she said, her golden orbs looked at me with fury and shame, but with the fierce of a lion.

She pushed the door and suddenly came inside the room, making me fall backward to the floor.

She tied the blanket on her body and then threw the porcelain lamp at me, luckily I can roll to the side so it wouldn’t hurt me.

“Not every day I see Tora been attack by a girl” said Nao

“Is that we have never seen Tora been attacker by a girl, duh!” said Shou hitting the back of Nao’s head.

“Guys take it easy, what is going on here” said Saga.

Kiseki’s POV:

“Ask your friend here that sneak in my room, strip himself, lay on my bed, force me to wake up and see my body naked! That explains all I think. Now…die you bastard!” I said holding Shinji’s throat and lifting his head just to hit his head to the floor.

“Wow, that explains a lot!” said one of them, but I just continued strangling Shinji.

“Die!” I said, but suddenly I felt someone hold me from my forearms and lift me, pulling me away from Shinji.

“N-Nani!? Let me go!” I said turning to see it was one of my friends, but he was also a worker, his name is Ryoho. “Ryoho-kun! What are you doing? Let me go so I can kill this dude”

“Gomen, Kiseki-sama, but I just can’t let you kill one of our clients and maybe this was just a huge misunderstanding. Please, Amano-san tell us how did you appear in Kiseki-sama’s room last night” he ask politely, he was always polite and gentle with others.

“Well I went until 1 of the morning to sleep, my roommate Hiroto said he will go and rest earlier, and he told me he will leave the door open so I can get in. I enter the only open door there was; thinking it was my room I enter, sleep there and find her…naked on the bed” said Shinji with a light tint of pink in his cheeks.

“Well that explains a lot” I said.

“What do you mean?” ask a pooh-face guys

“I tell my employees that I leave my room open at night, so in any problem they turn on the lights and I just go and solve the problem. However he did not turn on the lights. And maybe a maid walking by closed your friend’s door and maybe that is why you never enter his room, but mine” I said.

‘Oh’s’ were the only things I heard in the room; as I notice another person came inside the room, he was a little midget.

“Yeah, well everyone makes mistakes” I said walking to the bathroom, I closed the door and remove the blanket, taking a robe to cover myself. After I was done I walk out.

“My apologize to take this, I will send you another one right away” I said.

“Don’t worry, we understand” said one that had slight cat looks, but he looked good.

“Oh, my manners, my name is Shidoh Kiseki, im the owner of this hotel” nice to meet you I said bowing.

“Shidoh….OMG, are you the gal that defeated Tora on the skateboard contest?” ask the little guy.

“Oh, umm..i guess” I said with a smile.

“What!? You defeated Tora, and you owe this place?” said another one.

“Yes I do, but I will like to know your names as well, if im not wrong I think you are musicians” I said.

“You can call me Nao”

“I’m Shou”

“I’m Saga”

“I’m Hiroto, but my friends call me Pon”

“I’m Tora, but you keep calling me Shinji, but I insist that you call me Tora”

~~3 Days Later~~

Tora’s POV:

Lately, things have been going great lately. Since the incident nothing bad has occur between Kiseki and I.

I laugh at myself; I am constantly searching any stupid and small excuse to talk to her. Last time I told her I needed some tips to ski well, and she gladly taught me; she took the time to teach me, to be honest, I can’t ski.

I fell many times, when I fell the fifth time, I heard her laugh. She walk to me and helped me stand. “Don’t lose your balance, even when standing” she said, saying it so close to me I could almost smell her breath, fresh mint.

But as good things happen, bad things happen too. This was out very last night in here, I didn’t want to leave that was for sure, but I couldn’t stay here with her, I do not even know if she had an interest on me; so I start doing what I know to do best, smoke in the terrace of my room.

This was just great, I was not turning myself stupid with the smoke luckily and Then Saga appear.

“Hey, man, smoking to release all your frustrations?” he ask

“If you know it, why do you ask?”

“Just say it to her and end this pain to yourself”

“Say what?” I ask puffing the smoke

“Just say to Kiseki that you like her and end this”

I laugh, I don’t know, I just felt like laughing, damn…I’m getting high.

“Saga, my dear friend, what makes you say that?”

Saga sigh in annoyance

“Tora, you know you like her a lot, so does Nao, Shou, Hiroto and myself, and the only person in this building that doesn’t know that…is her.”

“Stop telling me this things, besides, what will I win telling her that? We are leaving tomorrow in the afternoon, and if I tell her, she will still stay here, we are leaving and I just can’t deal with a long distance relationship. I just….I just can’t.”

“Tora, but you will later regret not telling her, and who knows, maybe she can come with us.”

“Are you drugged? There is no way she will accept. Man, think about it…she OWES a hotel in a touristic ski area. There is no way she will go back to Tokyo with nothing to do. Her life is here, and I just can’t get in her life and kidnap her” I said.

“Well…Tora at the very end the decision is yours” said Saga patting me on the shoulder, leaving me alone, thinking.

Kiseki’s POV:

I love cold, no…I adore it. That is why I decided to place a hotel in Myoko. I took of my jacket, my boots and my ski pants. I dress in a simple white top and light blue short shorts. Barefoot I walk to the terrace, in that moment the cold wind blew my hair to the side, but I didn’t mind. I’m used to cold, but lately this passed days I haven’t felt any cold.

My fingers were freezing, my toes were almost blue, my lips pale, but I felt a heat inside myself, and it happen every time I think of Tora.

I sigh in disappointment and lower my head. “He is leaving” I whisper.

Just what I needed, for the very first time I met a guy that doesn’t feel himself inferior to a woman when she beats him, and it ends up that that same guy is the hottest, gentle and most amazing guy I have ever met in my life.

“Tora” I whisper to myself, trying to find a way to calm myself and burst into tears at the same time.

And…if I tell him I like him?

No, I just can’t do that, and besides who can assure me he will say he loves me. Probably he just sees me as a friend and nothing more. There is no way I can be with him. I made my life here and he is a famous guitarist of a visual kei band, there is no way he will stay here and leave his friends. And I wouldn’t like him to stay here because he feels he has and then he leaves his friends, that will make me loathe myself for the rest of my life.

“There is only one thing I can do” I said as I walk out of my room to my surprise someone was at the entrance.

“What are you doing here?” I ask

“Don’t you want me here?”

“No, no, that is not what I meant”

“Well, Kiseki…we need to talk.”

~~The Next Day~~

Tora’s POV:

“Tora, did you already packed your things?” said Hiroto inside the room, cursing because he couldn’t close the zipper of his bag.

“Yeah” I said looking the snow in the mountains, the view from the terrace was beautiful.

“Dude! You clothes are still on the closet!” Said Hiroto still angry because of the zipper.

“Fine, I’m packing” I said.

After 20 minutes of packing my clothes we when the 5 of us to eat our last breakfast in the hotel.

I haven’t seen Kiseki in the entire day, I sigh and ate my tempura, and a bottle of ramune.

I stare at the clock hanging in the wall. 12:35, in one hour we were leaving and I haven’t seen her at all. Saga was right, I had to tell her how much I felt for her, maybe she doesn’t feel anything for me and I know it will hurt, but is better to tell her once and for all my feelings.

I stood there on the table thinking of her. My mind was totally take on her, damn it hurts to leave her, it hurts not to be with her, it hurts not to look at her golden eyes and tell her how beautiful she is. It hurts not been with her.

“Tora” I heard someone say, it was Nao.

“What is it?” I ask

“Tora, is time to leave” he said.

“Oh” was the only thing that escaped my lips.

As I started to head to the car I took my cell phone. And took a picture of the hotel.

‘I will come back to this place, wait for me Kiseki’ I thought.

I open the door of the van, Shou was on the passenger seat, Nao was the driver. Saga and Hiroto sat next to each other in the middle, so I sat on the back.

I turn my head to the window and the next thing I knew I felt a pair of arms around me.

I tune my head, just to see Kiseki beside me.


“Tora!” she said smiling brightly while she remove her arms only to kiss me on the lips.

I was paralyzed, but gently kissed her back.

“Kiseki…what are you doing here?” I ask

“I’m going with you to Tokyo” she said.

“ALRIGHT! EVERYONE IS IN THE CAR! LETS GO” shout Nao starting the engine.

“Wait! Kiseki what about the hotel?” I ask

“I left it to Ryoho, he told me before he wanted to have a higher position, like accountant, but he almost faints when I told him he will owe the hotel” she said hugging me like if I was a sort kind of teddy bear.

“But, how did you knew I felt like this for you?”

“Tora you ask a lot of questions!?” frown Kiseki

“Tora, that was me, man, I told her you loved her” said Shou and I know for sure I saw him with a mischievous face and cat ears!

Kiseki’s POV:

“Tora…aren’t you happy I’m here?” I ask looking at him, if he didn’t wanted me with him then I better go back.

Tora smile and kissed my forehead and embrace me “Why would I want you far from me? I love you.”

“I love you Tora, I really do” I said hugging him back.

“Kiseki…you are my miracle”

Hope you liked it, it took me a while to write this but im satisfied and i really like the Alice Nine song "Kiseki" please heard that song, is beautiful.
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