a hermione granger and draco malfoy love story Part 1

!draco @hermione $ron #harry

Created by moosefroggerbaby on Wednesday, March 08, 2006

hermione, harry, and ron were walking down to Defense against the dark arts class when they met Draco, goyle, and crabbe in the hall.

!-well well well, what have we got here?
draco sneered

$-shove off malfoy we need to get to class before were late

!-no. i'm having to much fun. besides who cares if you're late.

@-i do!
hermione yelled

@-i wanna get to class, we're learning about animagus's today.

!-so what. you already know all about them besides, you won't like our new teacher anyway. and beleive me he doesn't like mudbloods either

$-get away malfoy! we're going to class, i don't care what you say. and leave hermione alone and stop calling her that!

then ron grabbed hermiones hand, pushed malfoy out of the way, and they ran down the hall to get to class

#-malfoy, leave hermione alone, and stop calling her a mudblood. she's different and i like that about her. she's smart and funny and she's just to nice of a person to talk trash back to you. so why do you talk trash to her?

and at that he started to walk to class when draco grabbed him by the collar and whispered in his ear

!-don't think about getting closer to hermione than you are now, that mudblood's mine.
and at that draco, crabbe, and goyle walked away leaving harry by himself in the hall.

#-i don't need to listen to malfoy, i love hermione, she's a good person, and deserves better. even if i can't get her to love me, i can stop her from loving draco

and at that he turned on his heels and walked to class, late.
sounds interesting. cool!
draco and hermione, cool! good couple
harry and hermione, cool! good couple
eew, none of them are good!
i don't like your couples!

do you like it? please rate and message me! also, look for part 2!

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